Classic Paint Color Combos

When it comes to picking paint color combinations, some of us prefer the latest trendy paint colors, while others of us prefer the classic combinations. Classic never goes out of style and it is safe to resort to when trying to pick paint colors for a home. Below, we are going to cover a few of our favorite classic paint color combinations.gray and white room

  • Black and White – As the most classic choice, black and white always  go together. Red is also a great color to tie in with these two as an accent color.
  • Green and Yellow – If nature says a color goes well together, then it must. Green and yellow resemble the outdoors and the two colors work really well paired together and  in the home. Yellow makes a wonderful paint color, while green makes a great accent piece.
  • Gray and White – These colors make a classic combination and are a great choice for a clean bathroom. Yellow or black tie in nicely with gray and white and can be used in the bathroom as well in moderation
  • Red and Gold – You can’t go wrong with the always-sleek red and gold. These colors work great together  in a dining room, and will keep your guests feeling comfortable.
  • Green and Blue – There are many different shades of blue and green that pair well together. While apple green and baby blue flow well, navy blue and hunter green pair well as a more modern feel.

Any of these paint color choices will help create the classic look you were looking for in your home. For any of your classic painting needs, please contact us for a free consultation.

What is your favorite classic paint color combination?

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