Choosing The Right Color Scheme For Your Business

paint colors for businessesIf you own your own business, you probably understand the importance of creating a space that is inviting and draws people in. But do you know how much of an impact color can make? If it’s time for a new coat of paint at your establishment, check out these tips for choosing the right paint colors from a Woodstock painting company.

Interior painting tips for your business

Set the mood- First off, what type of business do you have? If you are a doctor or dentist, choose a soft, cool color that sets patients at ease, like blue or green. However, if you own a restaurant, you probably want to encourage a lively, hospitable atmosphere that complements your food. Yellow and red are good for energizing a space and stoking appetites, but warm neutrals are also good for creating a “feel good” space.

Remember your branding-In addition to the moods evoked by various colors, you also need to make sure that the interior of your business furthers your brand identity. If you have a distinctive logo or online presence, try to incorporate those colors into the design scheme. That’s not to say that you need to be constrained to those exact colors, but you should take your branding into consideration. For instance, the bold branding of a gym might make a brightly colored accent wall a good idea, while a spa calls for more subdued colors.

Regardless of how you decide to remodel your business, our Woodstock painting company can help you get a crisp, professional look with interior painting, renovation and construction services and more. While you’re at it, why not have the popcorn finish removed from the ceilings, too?

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Photo by Kevin Tostado via Flickr CC 2.0

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