Favorite House Painting Tips and Tricks

As you all may have noticed, each week Davis Paint Company is featuring a new house painting blog which gives you a little insight into all things house painting related, and tips and tricks to help you make the most home. This week we are going to go back and highlight some of our favorite blogs from the past that you may have missed out on.

Add Color to Small SpacesDo you have a small space in your home or office that you wish was a bit larger? Carefully placed furnishings around the home and paint color selection can make your small space almost double in size. The number one rule to color in a small space is that there are no rules, however, here are a few of our favorite tips.

Classic Paint Color Combos – When it comes to picking paint color combinations, some of us prefer the latest trendy paint colors, while others of us prefer the classic combinations. Classic never goes out of style and it is safe to resort to when trying to pick paint colors for a home. Below, we are going to cover a few of our favorite classic paint color combinations.

Tips For Choosing Interior House Paint Color – Let’s face it, choosing paint color for your house can be an exhausting task. Whether it’s for the living room or kitchen, it takes a lot of time and thought to come up with the perfect color. In order to help make this task a little less painful, we have created a list of some of our favorite tips for choosing paint color for your house.

Picking the Perfect Paint Color for the Exterior Of Your Home  Deciding on a paint color for the exterior of your house can sometimes feel harder than it was naming your first child. Just kidding, but seriously it is a very tough decision and involves a lot of deliberating. Here are a few tips to help you decide on a paint color without completely wanting to pull your hair out.

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Fresh Ideas For Fall!

Brown flowers and colored leaves in autumn.

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With fall officially in the air, it is time to do away with all your spring and summery looking items in the house and replace them will fall items. Once the summery items are put into their respective places for storing, it is time to get started decorating. Just like we have motioned before about Paint Color Affecting Your Mood, festive decorations can also affect your mood (in a good way). If you don’t already have fall decor, stop by your local Target, Homegoods, or Gardenridge to pick some up. Here is our list of our favorite fall decorating tips for different areas of the house.

The dining room is an easy place to splash in a touch of fall. Replace your summer linens with orange, mustard, or a brown colored tablecloth, napkins and holders. For the table centerpiece, add a few small pumpkins and some fake leaves for a nice fall touch.

The kitchen is another easy area to add in a touch of fall colors. Replace the summer colored bowls, plates, or vases that are on display with fall colored ones. In addition, add some seasonal fake flowers to a bold vase for an instant season change.

Touching up the living room is a matter of a nice wool throw blanket and a pumpkin or two on the mantel. Feel free to use your imagination in this room, as there is plenty or room for creativity here. A fall colored scarf could be the perfect touch to an end table, or perhaps swap out the old throw pillows with some more festive ones.

The front porch is a great place to show off your fall festivity to your neighbors. Adding a fall wreath to the door is always a nice, easy touch. Next, pick up a couple of barrels of hay to create your own scarecrow. Use one barrel as the scarecrow’s seat and use the other barrel to stuff an old pair of jeans and a flannel shirt; add a straw hat and your set. Finally, use some leftover house paint to paint some old potting plants a nice shade for fall. Add in some fresh flowers and you have a beautiful fall porch.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to think outside of the box when decorating you house this year for fall.

What is your favorite way to decorate your house for fall?

Commercial Painting Tip: Add an Accent Wall!

yellow accent wallHere at Davis Paint Company, we offer commercial painting in addition to residential painting. If you are a Woodstock business owner, you know that keeping your business looking neat and well-tended is important. You only get one chance to make a first impression on potential clients, so you should have both the interior and exterior painted regularly. But did you know that your paint color choices can be used to enhance your retail space?

One way to harness the power of paint is to add an accent wall to your business. An accent wall will not only help your space appear larger, but can also draw attention to an important display. Consider painting the back wall or the wall behind your register in order to draw customers’ eyes to it.

Bright colors work well for accent walls, so choose a bold aqua, plum, yellow, or red, depending on your company’s branding and existing interior design. Remember that colors can have a big impact on mood, so check out our post about the psychology of color.

At our Woodstock painting company, our owner does all of our estimating and is involved and attentive from start to finish. We pride ourselves on providing excellent craftsmanship and customer service for affordable prices, so give us a call today to get an estimate on your commercial painting project. Large or small, we get the job done right and on time.

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How to Choose a House Painting Company

Roller and Paint TrayYour home is your biggest investment, so we know that you don’t want to leave it in just anyone’s hands. You need a Woodstock painting contractor that offers not only affordable prices, but also craftsmanship and customer service. We are proud to offer that combination here at Davis Paint Company.

Many house painters attract clients with promises of rock bottom prices, but when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Before you trust a painting contractor with your home, take a look at these tips on hiring a painting company.

  • Honesty- At Davis Paint Company, our owner not only does our estimating, but also oversees all jobs to ensure that work is progressing on time and up to our standards. We will do a walk-through with you at the end of the job and, if there are any problems that need to be addressed, we will take care of them so that you are 100% satisfied with the job. We do not require money up front and you should be wary of any painting contractor who asks you for an initial payment or money “for materials.” Reputable house painters will not make such a request.
  • Insurance– Never hire a home improvement contractor who is not properly insured. If they are not willing to show you proof of insurance, do not entrust them with your home. If a contractor is not properly insured and you allow them to work on your property, you could be held liable in case of an accident.
  • Quality- Ask a potential house painter what type of paint they will use. A dirt cheap quote on house painting often means that you’ll be getting dirt cheap paint as well. Low quality paint doesn’t look as good, but more importantly, it doesn’t last as long either. We use Sherwin Williams products to give your home a beautiful and long-lasting paint job.

If you’re ready to give your Woodstock home a fresh new look with a painting company you can trust, give us a call today for quotes on our interior and exterior painting services!

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Woodstock Deck Staining for Spring

dog on stained deckThanks to Georgia’s warm weather, outdoor living is popular from spring through fall here in Woodstock!  With the right approach, porches, patios, and decks can function like outdoor rooms, providing the perfect place for dining, entertaining, or simply relaxing. If you have a deck, don’t neglect spring upkeep. Having your deck stained regularly will ensure that you get to enjoy it for years to come! Read on to learn more about deck staining from the experts at Davis Paint Company.

How often should I re-stain my deck?

Typically, a deck needs to be re-stained every two to three years. Regular staining is not only important for keeping your deck looking great, but is also vital to keep the wood safe from rot. Neglecting your deck stain can result in rotting, cracking, and crumbling wood that is both unsightly and unsafe. 

How does our deck staining work?

At our Woodstock deck staining and house painting company, we believe that care and craftsmanship must be integral from start to finish. We will check your deck for signs of wood rot and repair or replace any damaged wood. Your deck will then be pressure washed so that the stain has a clean surface with which to adhere. We then apply durable Sherwin Williams stains, and the deck dries for 24-48 hours. After that, it’s time to get outside and enjoy your new deck with a glass of iced tea or lemonade!

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What Paint Finish Should You Choose?

paint brush for interior paintingWhen it comes time to choose interior paint, most people’s thoughts go straight to color. But don’t forget about another equally important consideration: paint finish!

Here at Davis Paint Company, we have given countless Woodstock homes a fresh look with interior painting services, and if there’s one thing we have learned through the years, it’s that the finish of the paint makes just as much of an impact on the finished product as the color. Read on for some tips on choosing the best paint finish to satisfy not only your interior design desires, but also your practical needs.

  • High-gloss and semi gloss paint has a smooth, shiny finish. That makes them much easier to clean, but also substantially changes the way the wall color looks. The shininess of this type of paint makes colors look brighter, and it can work well when used as a bold accent. The ease of cleaning high gloss walls makes it a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, craft rooms, and kids’ rooms.
  • Flat or matte paint gives the richest color and because it does not reflect as much light also obscures imperfections in the wall. However, it is not easy to clean and is not as durable, making it a better choice for accent walls and low-traffic areas.
  • Egg shell and satin paint finishes are a nice compromise between beauty and practicality, shine and matte. With only a slight sheen, these paint finishes are a good choice for living rooms, bed rooms, dining rooms, and the like.

Not sure what type of paint to choose? We’d love to discuss your Woodstock painting project, so give us a call at 404.590.1469 for a free estimate.

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Home Improvement Tips to Sell Your Woodstock Home

white painted houseAccording to local Realtors, it’s a great time to put your Woodstock, Georgia home on the market! If you’re thinking of selling, remember that first and foremost, potential buyers want to know that your home is clean and well-maintained. Read on for some tips on basic home improvements to impress buyers, from your local home repair specialists at Davis Paint Company.

Pressure washing

Cleaning is the single most important thing you can do to make your home appealing to buyers. Every surface, inside and out, should be spic and span. While most sellers take the time to clean floors and counters, don’t forget about things like the exterior sides of your home, the front steps, the windows, the patio, and the deck. Our pressure washing services can banish moss and mildew to give your home’s exterior a clean and cared-for appearance.

Interior and exterior house painting

Any real estate agent will tell you that when selling your home, it is not the time to get expressive with colors. That goes for both interior and exterior painting! The inside of your home should be painted with light, neutral colors that will make it appear clean, bright, and spacious, while appealing to the widest range of buyers. Likewise, the outside of your home can also benefit from a paint job. Check out our post for tips on choosing tasteful exterior paint colors for your house.

Exterior repairs

Living in your home everyday, it can be easy to overlook things that are getting shabby, weathered, or otherwise in need of repair. However, visitors’ eyes will go to those issues immediately, making a less than favorable first impression. To ensure that potential buyers see your home as well-maintained, walk around your home taking in every detail. Make a note of any wood rot, faded siding, peeling paint, etc. We can help you whip your home back into shape with wood rot repair, deck staining, Hardie plank siding replacement, and more. Just give us a call today at 404.590.1469 for a free estimate.

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Hardie Plank Siding Replacement in Woodstock

HardiePlank siding on houseWe discuss house painting a lot here on the Davis Paint Company blog, but that’s just the beginning of the home improvement services we offer to our Woodstock clients. In addition to exterior house painting, we also provide HardiePlank siding replacement!

What is HardiePlank siding?

HardiePlank siding is an extremely popular brand of fiber cement lap siding that is used on millions of American homes, and has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. Fiber cement has grown in popularity in recent years due to its extreme durability. Made from cement, wood fiber (a recycled material), and sand, the panels are an environmentally sustainable option that also resists termites, rain, wind, and even fire. It’s a great choice of siding, whether you’re trying to go green or just want to get the most value out of your purchase.

HardiePlank replacement in Woodstock

If your home is in need of HardiePlank replacement, contact us today. We would be happy to give you a free estimate. HardiePlank siding does need to be painted, and we can take care of both the siding replacement and exterior painting. To get started on your home improvement project, call us at 404.590.1469 or use our contact form for a prompt reply.

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Woodstock House Painting FAQs: Paint Quality

aqua house paintAt Davis Paint Company we know that you can only get good results by using good products. That’s why we use Sherwin Williams paints exclusively, ensuring attractive, durable results that will protect your home for years to come. But what separates good paint from low-quality paint? Read on to learn about paint quality and what to look for when buying paint for your home improvement projects.

Paint is made of pigments (color), binder (the substance that holds the color in place after the paint has dried), solvents (the liquid in which the pigment is suspended), and depending on the type of paint, additives that do everything from slow drying time, to improving flow, to fighting mold and mildew.

What separates high quality paint from low quality paint?

  • Pigment saturation and quality- Higher quality paints have more and better pigment in relation to the amount of binders, carriers, and additives. This gives them a richer color and also make them more opaque, so it takes fewer coats to get the same amount of coverage as a cheap paint.
  • Durable binders– Acrylic is the best latex binder because the particles of the paint seep into the grain of the wood instead of sitting on top. This makes it more durable and less likely to peel over time.
  • Special features– It may cost more, but you’re much better off choosing a paint that has special additives to smooth brush strokes, improve adhesion, protect the color from fading and yellowing, and resist mold and mildew.

In the scheme of things, it’s much smarter to buy a high quality paint that provides good coverage and lasts a long time than to go the cheaper route and end up with visible brush strokes, peeling, mildew, or other problems that will make you have to paint your house all over again sooner.

Contact us today for a quote on your Woodstock house painting project!

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Paint Colors for Small Rooms

celery paint color in living roomInterior painting can have a huge impact on the look of a room. The wall colors you choose for your home can do more than just coordinate with your furnishings and decor; they can actually affect the mood of the room and even create the impression of more (or less) space.

If you are thinking of painting a small room, check out these tips for choosing a paint color that will visually expand the room and create a sense of spaciousness. Our Woodstock house painting company can help you bring your vision to life with beautiful craftsmanship and affordable prices, so give us a call today for a quote.

  • Don’t be afraid of color– While some colors can make a small space look smaller, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to boring white! Consider the purpose of the room and choose a color accordingly. For instance, a bedroom should have a soothing color while an office should have a color that energizes you and helps you focus. Pale celery green is a popular choice that works well in contemporary and transitional spaces.
  • Use color temperature– Cool colors are the most effective at making walls recede visually. Pale blues and greens will not only make a space seem larger, but are restful and ideal for bedroom, bathrooms, and other soothing spaces.
  • Go bold- While it’s not suited to every space, a well-placed bright can work well in small spaces. For instance, a small powder room can look great with a luminous tangerine or yellow. You probably wouldn’t want to paint your whole living room the color, but in a small space it can really shine, giving the room a jewel box sparkle.

Photo: Benjamin Moore via This Old House