Bathroom Paint Color Trends

Many people forget to consider their bathroom when it comes time for change in your home. The bathroom is actually a small area in your home that could have a big impact. A pop of color in the bathroom could make a huge difference in your home. We have uncovered some of the latest bathroom color trends to help you easily pick out a color that is right for you!

Bathroom Paint Trends

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White – While bold can be beautiful, it is not necessary for everyone. Consider using white walls and maybe a subtle hint of another color to make the room feel less like a doctor’s office.

Taupe – Neutral shades such as cream, beige and taupe have long been popular color choices for the bathroom because they fit easily into a design scheme.

Pop of color– If you don’t want color everywhere in your bath, try adding small doses such as sunny yellow or fire-engine red on an accent wall.

Seasonal colors – Homeowners who change wall colors frequently, with the seasons, might consider rotating accessories. Blue and sea foam green would be a nice touch for spring and pink and green would look nice in the summer months.

Ultimately your color choice boils down to your expectations of what you want in a room that suits your comfort level. For any bathroom or interior house painting needs, contact us at Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA.

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