Bathroom Paint Color Trends this Fall

Now that the kids have gone back to school… What paint color should you paint your bathroom this season? Gray! Charcoal! Silver and Pewter. With accents of gold, or tangerine, these color combinations make for a stunning bathroom. We suggest a coodinating gray tile for the bath and the floor.  paint colors

Sherwin-Williams gives you a great online tool to imagine what the paint might look like in your room with the Paint Color Visualizer. You are given images of different rooms that are provided on the site and the walls are blank. You are given a choice of Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors and able to drop them on walls and surfaces to see what the room might look like once painted. This makes choosing a paint color effortless for even the most color challenged person.

As we have talked about in previous posts you may want to consider painting the bathroom ceiling a color. Especially if you are choosing a rich tone for the walls. A bright white ceiling won’t look as dazzling as  a softer tone of the one you’ve chosen for the wall. We like Zircon from Sherwin Williams for the ceiling in the above bathroom. It has the tiniest blue cast to the silvery tone and is an excellent choice for the ceiling.

What do you think? Have you seen any bathrooms in the Metro Atlanta area that were painted in the hottest new colors? Share them with us here! As always if you need any help with interior home painting or dry wall repair in Woodstock, Georgia please contact us!

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