5 Tips For Adding New Color to Your Room

A typical throw pillow (cushion) found in a su...

Get color ideas from throw pillows. (Image via Wikipedia)

Finding the right color to add to the interior of your home can be a meticulous task if you let it. Don’t let adding color to a room scare you. Adding color to a room is only a matter of pulling from what you already have. Here are some helpful tips to guide you.

Pull from a pattern: Look around the room and discover what is the largest pattern in the room. This pattern will be the  focal point for all new colors in the room. New paint color, a new rug, or a new throw pillow are all great options here.

Use the 60:30:10 rule: You will notice that some of the best-decorated rooms are based off the 60:30:10 rule.  Designers love following this percentage rule to help create the overall theme. 60% is the color unification, 30% visual  interest, and 10% accent.

Black is your friend: Looking for that extra little something in your room? Try adding a touch of black to mix things  up. Black is a great accent color and can be applied using the 30% or 10% rule.

 Consider seasonal colors: Fall and spring have such wonderful colors associate with them, so why not consider the  seasons’ colors for a room? Orange, mustard and brown or pink, lilac and yellow are both great color choices to bring a seasons  best colors into your home.

Test out color before you commit: Once your room is painted you’re pretty much stuck  so it is best that you think  it through more than once before committing. A good way to do this is to put a swatch of paint color in your home for  about a week before painting. During this trial period, make sure that the paint color looks good in every light of the day.


Hopefully these tips have inspired you to get started on adding new color to your room! If you are looking to hire someone to paint for you,  please contact us for a free estimate. Happy painting!

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