3 Ways to Re-Decorate a Girls Room with Paint

Are you looking for easy inexpensive ways to redecorate your daughter’s room? In this post the team at Davis Paint Company shares 3 Ways to Re-Decorate a Girl’s room using paint.

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Add Stripes to her wall. Tape off the wall in the size that you want the stripes to be. Decide how many colors  you want to work with. To keep the expense down and make it a little easier it is probably good idea to keep it to 2-3 paint colors. Make sure you prep and cover the carpet or floors with plastic and tape the molding and trim to keep from getting paint on them. Carefully remove the tape after you have painted to prevent peeling off you newest coat.

Use Stencils to Paint on the wall. Pick a  favorite shape and get a Stencil to paint on the walls. If  a girl  loves hearts, balloons, butterfly’s or stars finding simple patterns of inexpensive stencils is easy to accomplish at most craft stores. You will need to make sure you have smaller brushes if you choose a smaller stencil. Pick a favorite color as the accent for the stencil paint. To save time and money try to keep the main wall color the same.

Paint old furniture: Sometimes painting an old piece of wood furniture in a girl’s room can add just the right pop of color in one area. If the girl loves hot pink or bright blue it might be a better idea to paint a piece of furniture that fun bright color rather than the entire room. This way the little girl still gets her favorite color in her room, but with much less intensity and will be easier to live with in the long run.

If you want to re decorate and paint a girls room but don’t want to actually do the painting, consider a professional house painter to help you get the job done. Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA has all the proper equipment and skills to ensure the paint job is done correctly the first time. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services please contact us.

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