3 Reasons to Hire Professional House Painters

professional house paintingBetween HGTV and Pinterest, DIY or “do-it-yourself” culture is going strong. While it’s always great to see people taking an interest in home improvement, sometimes it’s helpful to remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. There are times when calling in the professionals is not only easier, but smarter, too! If your Woodstock home needs to be painted, take a look at some reasons to hire professional house painters.

Proper prep before exterior painting is key!

Painting the outside of your home seems easy enough-just give it a quick power wash and start painting, right? Actually preparing a house for painting is a little more complicated than that. Improper preparation caused by slapdash cleansing or using the wrong products can result in the paint failing to adhere to your home, and premature peeling.

We’re not just painters; we also repair your home.

There’s a lot more to exterior painting than just the painting itself. Our Woodstock painting company is experienced in house painting repairs and knows how to ensure your paint job lasts a long time and looks great. Before painting a house, all rotten wood should be replaced, nail holes filled, and cracks caulked to ensure a tight seal. Not only will this make your home look better, but it can improve energy efficiency, too.

We have the equipment and training to complete the job quickly, safely, and well.

Painting a house is not in and of itself that challenging. Painting a house quickly while avoiding injury and achieving a high level of craftsmanship, however, is a challenge! We have the experience and equipment to paint your home better; our professional grade equipment is just plain better for the job than what you can pick up at your local hardware store. Add to that the fact that we know how to use paint sprayers, brushes, etc., for optimal results, and it gets a little harder to justify spending a bunch of money for painting supplies that you will rarely use.

Many homeowners also forget the fact that painting is physically demanding, and you will get tired. Knowing how to stay safe even while on a ladder or scaffolding is also very important, and making mistakes at great height can result in serious injury.

Long story short- you’ve got a busy life and other things to do than teach yourself how to achieve professional-quality painting results. Give us a call and we will get your Woodstock home looking great, for very affordable prices! Contact Davis Paint Company today for a free estimate.


Photo via Cape May on Flickr (CC2.0) 


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