3 Reasons to Have Your Drywall Repaired Before Painting

Painting is a smart, affordable way to spruce up your home without shelling out for a total renovation. A fresh coat of paint makes the whole house seem fresh and bright, and the right color palette can completely transform your home decor. However, before you start painting or hire a house painter, take a good look at your walls.

Causes of drywall damage

The walls of many houses in Woodstock are made of sheets of drywall, panels of gypsum plaster sandwiched between sheets of thick paper. If the paper layer is damaged, the wall will look uneven and patchy, even with multiple coats of paint. Your paint job is really only as good as the walls underneath. There are a number of common reasons that your home may have damaged drywall, including:

  • Wallpaper was hung without first sealing the drywall panel, resulting in the wallpaper glue bonding with the paper. If your home was incorrectly wallpapered like this, it’s almost impossible to remove the wallpaper without peeling the paper layer of the drywall along with it.
  • Wood paneling was glued to the drywall without sealing, causing similar tearing issues.
  • Moisture permeated the drywall, causing the paper to blister or bubble.

Drywall repair and wallpaper removal

Woodstock wallpaper removalIf the walls of your home need work or you have lots of outdated wallpaper, Davis Paint Company can help. We offer wallpaper removal and drywall repair to get your home looking great. The best part? Your home will have a fresh, new look without you having to spend hours of hard work or buying equipment and supplies you’ll never use again.

To learn more, contact our Woodstock house painting and home repair company today and set up a free consultation.

Photo by Michael Derr via Flickr CC 2.0

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