3 Interior Painting Mistakes to Avoid

paintedHere at our Woodstock painting company, we love helping clients bring their dream homes to life with quality, professional painting services. We have done all sorts of interior painting projects in many colors, from safe neutrals to bold hues.

A fresh coat of paint can make a home look 10 times more pleasant, but choosing the right paint color is key. If you’re trying to decide what interior paint color to choose, take a look at these 3 painting mistakes to avoid.

Too many paint colors

A whole house painted the same color can be quite boring, but painting every room a wildly different hue isn’t the answer either. When the colors of your rooms are completely unrelated, your home will feel fragmented. Choosing different hues and shades adjacent to each other on the color wheel is a good way to create flow and continuation from room to room, giving your home a harmonious vibe.

Unexpected color interactions

Each color in your space affects everything around it. Consider how your wall color will interact with your cabinetry, floors, furnishings, etc.

Brightness and shade affect paint colors

In addition to choosing harmonious colors and anticipating how wall color will interact with its surroundings, you must also consider how the relative brightness or darkness of a space will influence the paint color. A color that looks nice and airy in a sunny bedroom might look overwhelmingly dark in a room with few windows.

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Photo by Feliciano Guimarães via Flickr CC 2.0

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