3 Basic Steps to Re-painting any Wood Furniture

During the cold winter months when it is cool and low humidity it’s a good time to re-paint a piece of wood furniture. Perhaps you are looking to add some bright colors in your home without painting an entire room. Painting your favorite chest an emerald green or royal blue can add a color that is in style with out going over board. The team at Davis Paint Company  has gotten together 3 Basic Steps to repainting any wood furniture.

Simple antique wooden chair painted white

3 Basic Steps for Repainting Wood Furniture

  1. Sanding: Use a coarse grain sand paper to begin the sanding process. You will need to make sure you remove all the old paint from the surface of the piece of  furniture you wish to refinish.
  2. Priming:  Use a coat of primer to paint the furniture after you have finished sanding. After the paint has dried you should use a fine grain sand paper before adding the final coat of paint.
  3. Painting:  There are several options of how to apply the final coat of paint. If you are looking for a smooth or high-gloss finish, spray paint is the way to go. For a more rustic finish use a brush and add brush strokes as a part of the texture of the newly painted piece of furniture.

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(Photo credit: Horia Varlan)

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